About Rimari

RIMARI – Corporate Art Gallery was established and promoted by the legendary late Mrs. Ritu Nanda; whose passion for art knew no bounds. We opened our doors for business at the close of the 20th century. We are a three decade old establishment started in 1991. We have been adding sparkle to your interiors with exquisite original art pieces one corner at a time. We have a treasure full of all genres of paintings, sculptures and artefacts and interior décor products.

The corporate philosophy of RIMARI is to welcome our clients into the world of art by offering unlimited options. The range and subjects of artwork collection to choose from is exhaustive starting from Abstracts, Contemporary, Landscapes, Architectural, Botanical, Floral, Wildlife, Ethnic, Still Life, Mural, Sculpture, Relief Work, etc. We even customize artworks according to particular theme, medium, size and volume. Our well sourced team handles projects of all scales; ranging from small resorts to full blown hotels.

RIMARI is in the business of making art and aesthetics accessible to the world. Catering to each client with attention to detail, customization and unparalleled quality making each client’s experience nothing short of a marvel.

Our Features

First of its kind corporate art services business.
Platform to promote upcoming artists.
Customized service provider handling projects of all scales.

Key Highlights

RIMARI is Mrs. Ritu Nanda’s brainchild was the first of its kind business to provide end to end corporate art services dealing in an array of sculptures, paintings, artefacts, wall décor pieces and much more. The business was started with a vision to give a platform to innumerable upcoming artists to shine and did wonders for their artistic growth. Apart from housing a vast curated collection at our gallery, we’re a customized service provider and take pride in handling projects of all scales and budgets tailored to our clients’ specifications.

“We look forward to fruitful business associations with organizations, designers, architects and individuals in the hospitality design and décor industry.”

- Nitasha Nanda


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